What Do We Do?

Important decisions like buying real estate require critical background information, which could be a challenge to find.

Investing in real estate require people to spend a considerable amount of time searching for the right information, especially from the sources they can trust.

Most people spend a vast proportion of their savings and money to create an asset which can generate a valuable return or provide with a living experience which they can savour for years to come.

They deserve an enriching experience and a brand they could trust.

Having a website which aims to address these subtle needs of a customer will not only evoke interest but will also prompt customer to use their services to decide.

Do you want –

  • To give your customers the right platform to get all the information in one go?
  • To gain a deeper understanding of their requirements to offer them the right product.
  • To offer an array of properties for them to choose from.
  • To give them an easy-to-use platform.
  • To have flexibility in adding and remove listings with no hassle.
  • To be able to use the real-time data to optimize your strategies and plans.

If you wish to offer your users and customers the right platform to search and pick the properties, which is suitable for them; we are here to help you in achieving that goal.

Our team of experts will understand your requirement holistically to build a website, specifically targeted towards improving your conversions and creating a customer-friendly website.

It will also deliver accurate data analytics to help you manage your business effectively.

Why should you choose us?

We ensure excellent Website Design and User Experience

A great website should not only be able to grasp a customer’s attention but also provide ease of use.

Our specially designed websites take into account the unique requirement of the real estate business. This ensures your clients find it not only relevant and useful but also easy to navigate and search.

Some benefits, a great website design can offer, includes:
  • Branding
    1. An impactful online presence positively affects your brand.
    2. It establishes you emphatically in the customer’s mind as a reliable and trustworthy source to fulfil their real estate requirement.
  • Instant Recognition
    1. With numerous competitors vying for the same set of clients, a carefully designed website will help you in ensuring instant recall leading to better conversions.
  • Mobile Friendly
    1. Our designers will ensure the website runs seamlessly across all platforms and devices.
    2. As more and more customers access the internet on their phone, a mobile-friendly website will provide a more profound and broader reach of your services.
  • Responsive Layout
    1. What happens when someone clicks on a website, and it does not appear as well on a mobile than say a laptop or a desktop.
    2. We make sure it doesn’t happen to your website as we ensure it adapts to different devices and screen sizes, giving a flawless experience to every user.
  • Attractive design
    1. We provide you with a stunning website design along with a multitude of options to choose from.
    2. The website will be a reflection of your business in a way you wish and desire.


Generating Leads
  • The business depends on customers who can trust us and are keen to continue their relationship over a long period.
  • With a fully functioning responsive website, you can attract a far higher number of leads with inbuilt forms which can be customized as per your unique requirements.
Customer Data
  • The visitors to the websites and analytics related to clicks and conversions will help you generate more business.


Suit your unique needs

A responsive site which will be designed keeping in mind your unique needs and requirements.

Make changes as per business requirements

Flexibility to make changes as per business requirements will ensure you always show what your customer is searching for.

Connect with your customer

With a seamless connection with the customer across all platforms and an ability to create forms, you can establish an early connect with your customers and clients.

Impactful Main Page

  • Presentation
    • First impressions are essential and critical. We ensure the visitors to your website feel and grasp your professionalism and experience on the main page itself.
    • This is an advertisement for your business, and we ensure it correctly portrays what you do and offers to them.
  • Introducing your business
    • Will ensure your business is presented positively while generating customer’s attention.
  • Generating and Creating interest
    • Ensure customers are glued to the page by making it interactive and relevant.
    • The more a customer interacts with the page, the higher would be the chances of better engagement and conversion.

Manual listing

List properties yourself
  • One of the most critical parts of the real estate business is to update new listings continually.
  • We provide you with the flexibility to upload listings regularly, with no hassle.
  • Show the properties real estate customers are most interested to know more about by keeping your listings up to date with an option to add new properties manually periodically.
Add Details
  • The more the customer know about the property, the better it would be for them, the match it with their requirements.
  • You can add as many details of the property as you wish, depending upon what the customer desires the most.
  • The descriptions can be added manually or even as one-time upload.
Real-time update
  • With the manual listing update, you don’t have to wait for a technical person to do it for you.
  • You can do it on the go, as and when you take fresh mandates for new properties.
Keep tuned in to customer’s unique needs
  • The updated listing will also ensure customer remain hooked to your site.
  • This will ensure the properties on your website are the one’s which customers are really looking forward to buying or invest in.

SEO Optimization

Improved web presence
  • Keeping tuned in to customer’s requirement also means to show up whenever they search for something which you are offering.
  • SEO optimization will ensure your website has the right keywords to show up when customer search for real estate in areas which you cater to.
  • Fresh content will also assure you stay up to date and appear on top of the search.
Quicker Identification of your business
  • SEO will also generate more eyeballs for the website.
  • A website which shows up in the top results will have more clicks and consequently higher chances of generating leads.


  • Data security is of paramount importance in times like these.
  • We also provide hosting services, ensuring your data remains safe and secure.
  • With the enormous amount of data generated online, keeping it safe and readily available is a task.
  • We ensure you don’t stress your resources in data safeguarding as we take away that burden from you.
Security of data
  • The security and safety of your data will allow you to focus on the more critical aspects of your business.
Focus on business
  • As security and safety are taken care of, you and your team can focus on generating more sales and converting existing leads.
  • You and your team can also use the time to create more listings and create a better relationship with your customers.

We at Ray creations wish to partner in your business by helping you achieve your business goals.

We do this by focusing on our core competency of creating a robust and stable online presence for you.

This ensures you have the right pipeline of leads, as well as the constant flow of new visitors to your website for continued business.

Partner with us to take your business to the next level.

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