Meet Our Team

Amrit Ray

Founded the company in 2006 and has since given direction & formulated strategies for the growth of the business online.

He believes that a successful business will harness the power of the internet in fueling its growth. Rather than looking at traditional methods of business promotion like advertising, and marketing locally that has a limited reach, his focus has always been on inbound marketing from the beginning.

In essence that has helped us reach clients from all across the globe. And has given us the privilege to help businesses from all around the world with professionally built websites.

He takes care of strategies, marketing, and SEO.

He is also a singer/songwriter.
Check out his social media to learn more about him: Instagram: @amrit.ray

Suparna Ray
Sr. Web Designer

She is exceptionally creative and has been a primary influence in shaping how the company has been today.

She is a senior web designer and creative head of the company.

Clients have always been very appreciative of the artistic design touches and that has helped attract and retain many clients over the many years that she has been with us.

This, in turn, has helped us with a wonderful portfolio of all the work we have accomplished over the years.

Apart from work, she is quite obsessed with her baby girl, Oliva. And spends her free time designing artwork involving using pics of her baby, Which are quite adored by her mommy followers on Insta.

You can learn more about her on Insta here:
Instagram: @suparna.ray

Aparna Pramanik
Sr. Web Designer

She enjoys traveling a lot and gathering lots of pics to share on social media.

She has an exceptional eye for detail and her problem-solving skills are phenomenal.

She knows WordPress inside out. And there is no problem with the CMS that she cannot diagnose and solve. That is one of the reasons that our clients can rest in peace knowing that all their issues would are in good hands. And issues will be tackled and solved for them.

She is a fabulous designer who has been with the company for a very long time. She mostly takes care of all the outsourced web design projects and ensures that they are completed in a timely manner.

In her spare time, she is obsessed with growing her Insta fan following. Which seems to be working a lot too. She is also a growing Insta Influencer.

Instagram: @aparna_pramanik

Piu Pramanik
Web Designer

She has incredible with details which she conveniently translates to her designing work.

She has been with us for the last 3 to 4 years. She joined us after finishing her web design course. With a little in-house training, she quickly became an indispensable member of the company.

She is a great web designer, particularly working with content management systems (CMS). That is, she is building websites using CMS platforms.

In her spare time, she loves to braid her hair and listen to all genre of music. She also knows how to knit.

Surprisingly she also wants to be an Insta influencer.
Instagram: @piu.pramanik

Website design company

Ray Design, as the name suggests, is a website design company from India. We are a part of the company, Ray Creations.

We are a web design company and we are still the same group of young cheerful members loving our work as designers and developers to companies and individuals, such as yourself.

Our experience, working with various companies and individuals, spans over a decade. Most of our clients are overseas clients from USA, UK, Australia, Europe and other countries from around the world. We love interacting with our clients and providing them with solutions in the field of website design and development.

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Web Design & Website Maintenance

Ray Design is a vibrant web design company based in New Delhi India. It is part of the company Ray Creations.

So we have been around a long time in this field of web design & development. More than a decade servicing our clients from all around the globe. We actually love the fact that we are able to work with such diverse clients from amazing nations around the globe.

The sheer fact that we are able to work across diverse borders, with clients coming from different cultural & ethnic backgrounds itself makes it the most exciting work ever. Also, the fact that we are able to add value to their business and solve their issues, is like adding icing to the cake.

Yes, are a small web design company from India who loves to work with global clients creating beautiful and functional websites for you.

We also handle a lot of outsourced work from overseas design companies. And we also provide continuous round the clock maintenance to the sites we design for them. So if there are any issues that arise in the future, or if there are any edits required to any of the sites, we are always there for them.

We would love to get the opportunity to know you. And hopefully, forge a long term mutually beneficial association.