Website design company

Ray Design, as the name suggests, is a website design company from India. We were formerly known as Ray Creations.

For branding purposes and to keep up with the times, we decided “Ray Design” would be a better match for our image. So we have changed the company name to Ray Design.

Nothing much has changed except for the name of course. We are a web design company and we are still the same group of young cheerful members loving our work as designers and developers to companies and individuals, such as yourself. Our experience, working with various companies and individuals, spans over a decade. Most of our clients are overseas clients from USA, UK, Australia, Europe and other countries from around the world. We love interacting with our clients and providing them with solutions in the field of website design and development.

We have a new domain, a new website, new vision and mission, new objectives, new frontiers to conquer.

Our previous website ( will continue to be active and serve as a major part of our new business acquisitions. It is very well placed in the search engines and help business from the globe get connected to us. Over time, we expect this site to play a similar or much bigger role, as it gets better and better placed in the organic search results.

We are a web design company based in India. We are able to pass the benefits of outsourcing by providing you with affordable and quality websites. Our turnaround times are quite reasonable and on demand can make it much shorter. We continue to work with technologies that we have been concentrating on over the years. We continue to work with WordPress and Responsive (mobile friendly) web design. Mostly our clients are direct individual and corporate businesses from across the globe. However, we would also like to concentrate on outsourcing partnerships. A setup where we work as a back office for web design & development companies overseas. If you have a business website, you could consider outsourcing your website maintenance to us. We are already working on a similar setup with a couple business partners, but we would like to see that increase over time.

As we have done in the past, we would like to concentrate on quality rather than on volume. We would like to work with selected companies on a one to one level, rather than work with many companies and produce substandard work. We would like to make sure that our clients get the adequate attention that they deserve and the quality of the work they would feel proud about.