Why Outsource to RayDez in India?

We are a small company based out of India having extensive knowledge in the field of website design and development. Our team has over 10 years of experience crafting visual treats for clients from all over the globe. So you can imagine that we know our work well.

Since we are a small team, you quickly start to get to know all the members. And in no time it is like friends working together for a common goal. The goal, of course, is the advancement of your business. To get the projects and assignments completed in a timely and efficient manner. So that you, in turn, can get more done in less time, and at a lesser cost.

We Understand The Cultural Differences & Backgrounds

Since our work involves working with clients from many different countries with various backgrounds, beliefs, tastes, and likings; we have an understanding of the designs and trends that would go down well with your respective audiences in your country. And we can use that experience to create websites that your clients, in turn, would love and profit from.

And yes we are keen to work with you on your outsourced projects. We will list ample reasons for why you should consider outsourcing your design & development projects to our company here in India.

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Our Experience Working With Outsourcing Partners

We have been working with outsourcing partners for many years now. As I said, since we are a small company, you quickly grow to know each of the members. And what each member is responsible for. It’s more like a personal affair, rather than purely business.

Our experience has taught us many things, a few among them are responsibility and discipline. We understand that the most difficult thing to master is discipline. And especially when a few of our designers many be working from home at late hours of the night.

We understand the responsibility of handling sensitive client data and how at all costs data should be kept private & within the organization. Many times our outsourcing partners need to share sensitive data so that we can perform our tasks in an efficient and timely manner. And over all these years, we have consistently kept up the trust level.

Our experience has also made us understand the workflow. How work is assigned and how we go on to complete them in a timely and efficient manner. How the work is divided among designers. The tools can be different with different outsourcing partners, but the overall methodology remains more or less the same.

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Services You can Outsource to Us

We are listing below some of the services that you can actively outsource to us. We have in-depth knowledge in these fields and have experience working on these for over many years now. You can consider us an authority in these fields.

Web Design

From conceptualization to actual coding, we can handle everything in between. We can create the wireframes, the Photoshop designs, alterations, and changes, and finally coding the design to create a perfect website that is 100% mobile-friendly.

We have worked with many outsourcing partners in the past. Some companies outsourced the entire website creation process to us. And some companies preferred outsourcing parts of the process. Like they would get the design built inhouse, and then outsource the coding part to us.

Some outsourcing partners would need us to work with particular themes and want us to modify them to implement the design of the website. Some clients would want us to code from scratch.

However, a majority of the web design outsourced work involves converting PSDs to WordPress themes. Yes, most of the work these days is done on WordPress. And we can proudly say that we know WordPress inside out.

Web Development

It mainly involves implementing functionality that is not possible with existing plugins. As I said the majority of the work today is done on WordPress. And many times, the client has specific requirements on how a certain functionality should be implemented on their website.

Many times existing plugins are able to handle the requirement. But at times, the requirement is just too specific and can only be implemented with custom developing the functionality. We have been working on many such outsourced projects.

We mostly develop on the WordPress framework itself. So the technologies we use are PHP and MySQL for implementing the server-side code. On the front-end, it is mostly HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, JavaScript & JQuery.

So if your clients need something very specific to be developed. We are glad to lend you a hand and custom develop as your requirements.


Delivering a finalized project is not the end of the road, but the beginning of a long term mutually beneficial relationship. And that relationship can only flourish if you provide timely maintenance and support for your client’s website related issues.

And that is where we come in to help you with anything and everything that may come your way pertaining to your client’s website needs.

Your client’s need support on an ongoing basis. In the real world, there would be continuous change requests from clients. There would be unforeseen circumstances that would need to be dealt with priority.

We continue to work with you and provide support and maintenance for all websites that you host and maintain for your clients. Just assign a task and someone would pick up the task and complete it within the assigned timeframe.

Lower Costs Saves You Money

It is a fact that skilled labor is cheap in India. And when you outsource here you save a ton of money. And over the years it adds up to a substantial amount.

But that is just one part of the whole bargain. Cost-saving can be an important motivator. But what we really want you to concentrate is the level of skill and knowledge that each designer/developer contributes to your organization.

The peace of mind that comes with knowing that you constantly have a team that can sort out any issues and problems that you may encounter in your day to day business. You always have a team you can fall back on, and absolutely rely on.

Who Should Outsource To Us?

Over the years we have found that the best companies to outsource to us are companies that themselves provide design & development services to their clients. They can do better with a helping hand from us. Thus effectively letting them take on more work with fewer resources.

Our expertise and experience can also help strengthen their core competencies.

SEOs & Digital marketing agencies that do not provide inhouse designing can often benefit from our expertise. Because there will be instances when they will need help with redesigning or making changes to their client’s websites.

Also, individual business agencies can do much better by associating us with their design and development process.

Convinced we can help your business? Please do get in touch. We look forward to working with you.

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