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Custom WordPress Development Services

WordPress is an amazing piece of open source software that many people use for different purposes. Mostly people make use of the built-in features of WordPress to build websites. However, sometimes the requirements may go beyond what comes standard with WordPress. Or what is achievable with the currently available plugins. We step in at such times to create customized functionality or designs. We can develop custom themes. Or create specific functionality for your site through plugin development.

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WordPress Development Services

WordPress is essentially a Content Management System. It has its own hooks and filters that developers can use to introduce new bits of code to be executed when WordPress runs. That means one uses the WordPress framework itself and builds custom functionality on top of it.

Some of the custom WP development services we offer are as follows:

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Custom WordPress Website Development

Custom WordPress Website Development

We develop customized websites as per the requirement of the client. Sometimes you may want the site to act & behave in a certain way. Let us say you want the website header to display a different colour depending on whether its day or night for the website visitor. We could do that.

You may want more control over whether certain elements on the website should display or not. For that, we can create an options panel through which you can control many aspects of the website. These are just some of the examples where customized website development is needed.

WP Theme Development

WP Theme Development

Theme controls the look of the website. Whether it is a new theme that you are after. Or whether it is alterations to the existing design. We take care of all of it. We believe that coding a new theme requires a lot more than just the knowledge of how to code a theme.

Designing something special that appeals to a certain segment of users is something that one learns through experience and practice. These are skills that are sometimes inborn and may sometimes be acquired through practice.

We have designers who are exceptionally talented and creative. Designers who understand the latest design trends and can create an interface that is aesthetically pleasing and user friendly at the same time.

Theme Customizations

Theme Customizations

Since applying a new theme to a website is super easy, therefore, many buy readymade themes to use on their websites. But they soon realize that there is some amount of effort and knowledge is required to customize the theme to match your needs.

We help with theme customizations. Like uploading the logo, customizing colours, altering the header the footer, adding sections, sidebars and a lot more.

Plugin Development

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Sometimes one may need a complete web application to be developed. Applications can be small or large depending on what needs to be achieved. It is like any other website application development, except that you build it on top of the WordPress framework.

There are many readymade plugins available online. But there are times when you need something extremely specific developed, that the free plugins do not offer.

We can develop custom plugins for your specific needs. We use accepted coding best practices and create secure plugins.

Blog Development

Blog Development

Blogging is an integral part of any inbound marketing strategy. And any website without a blog these days is considered incomplete. Do you need a blog website or a website with a custom developed blog? We can help with that.

Blogs can come in many different shapes and sizes. It can have a sidebar, or it may not have one. It could be a paged blog or alternatively it could have a load more option where you load more blog posts indefinitely on the same page.

Or you may need to customize the archive and single for custom post types? We can help with all your requirements.

API Integrations

API Integrations

Sometimes you may need to integrate certain type of APIs with your website. API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is like an intermediate software that lets two applications talk to each other.

Do you wish to display the weather on your site? Do you want to display Twitter feeds, or Facebook feeds on your website?

We can help you integrate these feeds on your website by integrating the API through customized plugin development.

Some Custom WP Features

What are some of the custom WordPress features that you could be looking for your site? That you may want to add to your site? Please find some examples below:

Custom Post Types

The introduction of Customized Post Types & Custom Post Meta to WordPress revolutionized WordPress from being a simple blogging platform to a full-fledged Content Management System. Now suddenly you could do anything with WordPress. Suppose you want to build a reviews system. The reviews could be the custom post type. And any other important data associated with reviews could be stored as post meta.

These features can be used to build any type of functionality for your site.

Settings & Configuration Pages

If you use WordPress, you would be all too familiar with the Settings pages in WordPress. These are used to control the display or customize pages as per the user’s choice.

You may want to create a customized settings page that lets you show or hide a certain widget on a page. You can have the option to change the header or footer color. The option that toggles the visibility of the phone number or the email address.

There are many options that you can control the websites based on these inputs. And you can control these options from the Settings page itself.

Setup Custom Roles

WordPress comes with many Roles inbuilt that one can assign to users. Each role comes with certain rights & privileges that allow them to perform certain tasks on the website. Usually the inbuilt roles are sufficient for most scenarios. However, if you need a role with certain rights and privileges then we could setup a custom role, that lets them do exactly that.

Our WordPress Development Expertise

So what are some of the expertise and talents that we have acquired over the years? What makes us a good candidate for you to hire for your WordPress development needs? There is indeed no teacher like experience. And we do have ample experience developing plugins and doing development in general for WordPress.

Industry Best Practices & Coding Standards

We have been designing and coding with WordPress for almost 10+ years now. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience & expertise. We even have one plugin developed & submitted to the WordPress Plugin Repository. You can download the plugin from this link here: Ray Social Feeds For Twitter

Secure Code

Security is paramount to us when we are developing web applications for you. We ensure that the code is fast, efficient, and secure. We write code as recommended by the WordPress developers themselves.
You can be assured that the code we write is as efficient as is possible.

Elegant, Clean Design & Functionality

Finally talking about aesthetics, you can be assured of a clean, elegantly designed website with great user-friendly functionality. A clean strategically designed layout that allows the eye to flow from section to section with ease. It does not confuse the user, but rather helps the flow of attention from one topic to the other.
At the same time making it easy to find the information that the user needs.