It is due to the flexibility and the power that CMS brings with it. Site owners find is extremely useful when their sites are built with a CMS.

There was a time when almost all sites were built with static HTML pages. But today almost all sites are powered by one CMS or the other. Most people are opting for CMS Web Design these days. Perhaps, because of its simplicity in helping to keep the content of the website updated at all times.

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What Is A CMS Website

This brings us to our next point. What is a CMS website? Though most people are aware of it today, but it still calls for an explanation as this page talks about websites built with CMS.

Wikipedia defines CMS as:

A web content management system (WCMS) is a software system that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to create and manage website content with relative ease.

As per the definition, it stands for Content Management System (CMS). It primarily assists with content management on your website. It is a tool one can use to author posts & pages. One can collaborate to create content more efficiently. For example, users can be segregated into roles. Authors can create content, and editor can proof, edit & publish posts.

Website Content Management

This is the primary reason why CMS based websites have become so popular today. Because they make website content management easy.

For a website owner, they do not need to engage a website designer to update their website content. They can edit the content themselves. They can control many of the aspects of content creation that was earlier not possible. Apart from creating pages & posts, they can add images, videos, attachments, downloads etc.

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Update Website Content Easily

Companies & individuals today have news to share with the world. Whether with prospective or with existing clients, the need for communication and to stay in contact has become a necessity. A CMS Web Design can help you achieve that by having a blog or a news section which can be easily updated by the administrator. The same goes for the content of the website. It can be easily updated whenever required. You can add or edit pages and posts. Whether it is a picture you need to update somewhere, or a video; it all becomes simple. This is perhaps the main difference between a Simple HTML site and a CMS.

No Technical Knowledge Required To Use a CMS Website

A CMS does not require the administrator to have much technical knowledge to use it. The interface is intuitive, user friendly and smart. Even if you do get stuck somewhere, there are plenty of help on the web. There are many dedicated forums or support groups where you can easily find the answer to your problems. CMS based websites are used all over the web today. And people are reporting and giving solutions to all kinds of issues that people may face with a particular CMS. Therefore, the answers are all there, one simply has to search for them.

CMS Web Design – Good for SEO

CMS based websites do better in search engine rankings. The basic SEO processes can be automated using SEO plugins in a CMS website. The whole thing can be put on auto pilot. It can guide you and give recommendations, which is absolutely essential for new site owners. The CMS website can assist you choosing the right title or description for the page. Guide you with keyword density, alt tags, image usage and a lot more.

The most important feature that makes it SEO friendly is its ability to manage content efficiently. SEO depends a lot on quality content creation. There will be times when you need to update a page or post quickly. CMS based website allows you to do that.

The ability of two-way communication is also vital. Reads can leave feedback and opinion in the form of comments. A CMS encourages user engagement, sharing and in the process create more incoming links. Which improves SEO rankings for the CMS based site.

CMS Helps Your Website Stay Up-To-Date.

CMS platforms like WordPress updates automatically by the click of a button. It is good to stay updated with newer technology. As it helps your website become more stable and safer from viruses and external threats, like malware and hacking. It also prevents hackers from taking advantage of known vulnerabilities in software. WordPress CMS websites can auto update with latest security patches with every update.

Best CMS For Website Design

There are plenty of CMS platforms available today like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal to name a few. However WordPress is undoubtedly the leader in CMS with 27% of all websites are based on WordPress.

If your need is for a well designed Responsive website based on a CMS, then look no further. We are here to help you.

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