Top 10 Ways Wordpress Design Changes Your Business And Online Presence

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms and that is why WordPress Design is so much in demand today.

With growing readership and members, WordPress has become a preferred non-blogging website as well. WordPress has a very simple and interactive interface that makes designing and uploading seem quite effortless. Now, gone are the days that you would need to depend on your website designer to upload even the smallest change to your website. You can quite plainly manage your website all by yourself without any or much help from outside agencies.


Some Key Features Of WordPress Design Are

  • You can administer your website from any computer
  • It is easy to use
  • You do not require special software to edit such as HTML or FTP
  • You can customize and design your website to suit your business needs
  • Choose from hundreds of themes that are readily available on WordPress
  • Improve the usage of the site with the help of Plug-ins.
  • Although WordPress was originally created as a blogging platform, you can today operate it as a complete website and also set up RSS feeds for your blogs.

WordPress As A Content Management System

Now if we move a step further, away from WordPress as a Blogging platform, we will see that it is a full-fledged web content management system that has helped millions of business houses start their website and sustain it. As a CMS it has proven its mettle and is accepted worldwide as the preferred CMS for designing and maintaining a site. That is the reason why it powers so many websites today.

WordPress Design

What is the most important aspect in a website besides the content that is extremely useful, the website design itself is extremely pertinent to the business of the organization. Today, almost all big and small conglomerates have undergone a digital change and are steadily creating a massive digital footprint across the world. The need of hour is to ensure that you have a friendly user experience, both visually as well as in information. WordPress has emerged as a favorite amongst developers and designers because of its sheer magnitude and an ability to create some of the most astounding designs. It is easy to run a website if it is created on WordPress. A good WordPress design changes the way your business functions and increases your online presence.

While starting your business online, you may want to consult with different experts in the field to understand the best way to use the designs on WordPress. Today, most of the individuals operate websites from their mobiles rather than desktops or laptops. It is imperative that your WordPress design is such that it does not take time to load on mobiles. There are many speed tests that are available online that will give you an idea about the way the website loads and the time it takes to open on different devices. One such tool is the Page Speed Tool by Google. By conducting these tests you will be able to identify and understand the strength of your website loading time and improve the user experience. This will ensure that the end users have a great experience exploring your website rather than leaving it mid-way due to longer loading time.

Key Features Of WordPress Website Design

Let us have a look at some of the key important features on how WordPress Web Design changes the way your business works, thereby increasing your online presence:

  1. Popularity

    Today WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for website designing with over 70% of websites being designed on this. This is foremost reason for you to have a great WordPress web design for you to gain market presence and create a strong digital footprint. It is this popularity amongst the masses that has led to WordPress to create a niche in the market and change the scope of looking and designing business.

  2. Navigation

    A proper WordPress design changes the way people and end-users operate and move around your website. For easy navigation through different sub-headings it is imperative that you choose a device friendly WordPress design. Ease to navigate would attract customers to go through your website more than your competitors. For example, while you are browsing through different sites for a specific item and you find it quickly, that shows that the website has been well designed. This will help you gain more footfalls on your website because of ease of use, in turn making it beneficial for your business.

  3. Flow Of Matter

    The flow of matter presented on a website is extremely imperative. They should be easily able to locate what they are looking for. The end user should be able to identify the flow of the website by just having a glance at it. Here a good design plays a very important role.

  4. Visual Appeal

    You need to decide in advance what type of theme you would want for your website, the number of links, images and videos, etc. so that it becomes easier while finally designing it with the help of web designers. A visual appeal normally gets the user to explore the website more and understand the links that appear on the website. Within a few minutes of opening a website people decide whether to stay on the website or leave it. You need to understand that creating trust with the people is equally important as developing a site. When the sight gives you all that you seek, it becomes an engaging experience with the company and boosts your business.

  5. Integration of Social Media

    Social Media has become an extremely popular medium to promote business and create a very strong online presence. You can create easy and hassle free back-links to the sites when developed on WordPress in turn driving more traffic to your website.

  6. SEO Friendly

    Creating a good website with great design on WordPress only helps in accelerating your business. Use of unique and quality keywords with appropriate back-links can help to boost the online presence of your website on any search engine.

  7. Schedule The Posts

    The one thing that is imperative to gain a strong online presence is that you keep uploading content and information on a regular basis. So if you have many pieces of already written content, you can easily schedule uploads at regular intervals to ensure that if you forget to upload, the system does it for you.

  8. Device friendly

    WordPress has been made in a way that is easy for users to understand and create. The mobile responsive coding of the site helps the end users to view your website even through their mobile devices. WordPress will automatically detect when the user is logged in from the mobile and adjust web settings to suit the mobile device.

  9. Blogs

    Including blogs in your website also helps in garnering the attention that you seek in turn accelerating your online presence. Placing the links to the blogs on the home page with easy identification and access can help the end user to understand the personal as well as professional side to your business. It helps the audience to connect better with the product or brand.

  10. Community Interaction

    WordPress has the unique feature to make the user experience more interactive. You have the opportunity to lead the community discussions through Q&A sessions on your website or have people leave comments on your blog posts to make the section more engaging. This will drive traffic to your website in turn creating a good online presence.

WordPress Is For Everyone

Whatever your marketing budget, WordPress design is suited for all types of businesses and not only small businesses. There are many large conglomerates that operate their website on WordPress for the sheer ease of use and accessibility for its viewers. Websites like CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, etc. are all powered by WordPress and are known to create thousand footfalls daily. A good WordPress web design plays an integral part in not only improving foot fall or traffic to your website but also helps in converting those leads to actual customers. Your WordPress design along with appropriate links and visuals, create a very strong impact on the mind of the end consumer which will drive them to visit the site again and also tell their friends about its usability and access to necessary information. With a streamlined design and simple to understand language, the end user will have a great experience browsing through your website. While choosing the right design also ensures that your ads on the website do not hinder the navigation experience. A good WordPress design helps the user to reach the links that they have typed for without any hassle.

Don’t Forget To Update WordPress

Finally ensure that you keep updating your WordPress design on a timely basis to ensure that your traffic and foot fall do not get interrupted. Use your keywords and visual appropriately thereby increasing your online presence; this way your competition would not know what actually hit them. Since a WordPress web design is easy to maintain, affordable / budget friendly as compared to other content management systems, it makes it extremely easy for you to add content the way you would like the audience to know who you are and what your business is all about!
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