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High converting landing pages are one of the best ways to enhance the performance of your PPC campaigns and to maximize your rate of conversion. We are providing some simple tips, tweaks & optimization strategies. And these techniques will surely enhance your conversion rates with immediate effect.

Do you have any landing page that successfully converts visitors into your own subscribers, leads, or buyers?
When you talk about customers and users, you may note variations among the audience, intent, purpose, focus, industry, perception, niche, value, a method to approach, and a lot of other factors.

A competition-crushing landing page is a tough thing to achieve. You must keep a dozen of things in mind before you actually start. These things include the basic psychology beneath the surface and the ground idea about what our customers actually want.

In case your landing pages convert the leads well, then implementing a few of these tips can grab more benefits and customers. But if they are not doing well to create conversions, then it is time to take some hard decisions in order to optimize conversion rates.

For all our readers, we have accumulated the best 10 tips to create high converting landing pages from web experts from all over the internet. You keep getting more and more benefits with your landing page once you start implementing the points one by one.

1. Make Awesome headline

The headline is of prime importance to a landing page because it is simply the start of everything. The headline directs the user’s interest, understanding, and attention towards the page or content. To achieve a great headline you must accomplish the following points:

  • A headline should be credible enough to grab user’s attention within seconds.
  • Headlines should be short but effective. Just make sure to make it within 10 – 20 words.
  • A headline informs the user about the product and service of a specific firm, so it must be enough informative and must have these considerations.

Just make sure your headlines are elaborate enough to let users identify the product and services. For better clarity, you can also use subheadings, to make the heading stand out more. Users will understand what the page is all about at a glance.

2. Change the Sign-up flow of your Landing Pages

If the objective of the landing page is to get more signups and subscribers, then you need to keep in mind whether your landing is already doing well or not. If it is doing well, perhaps little tweaks in Signup buttons can provide a better conversion rate.

Making small changes in button colors and tweaking fonts may not always be enough to get the ball rolling if your site is not doing well converting the leads into signups. In order to get big effects and changes, you will need to change the signup flow of your landing page radically.

  • Keep as few steps as possible so that it is easy for the user. Don’t frustrate him to the point that he ditches the process halfway.
  • Provide ample hints and explanations for him to comprehend what it is all about.
  • If possible, let him sign up using social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter the user is using already. It can sometimes become too much to sign up on so many various sites and still remember the usernames and passwords.

The signup flow should be such that it is easy for the users to comprehend and understand. Here you can see my earlier post on principles of User Experience design. Some tips to keep in mind.

3. Make Landing Pages Mobile Friendly

Most of your viewers depend on mobile devices for visiting your website. So ensure that your landing pages are mobile-optimized so that your users can access them with ease.

Ads on mobile are very effective, as they appeal to visitors and enhances the desire to buy something right at that moment. This simply means that all your website’s landing pages and their forms must be optimized according to various mobile resolutions. By applying this step alone, you can get a huge hike in conversion rates for your landing pages.

Your prime motto should be to make your user’s journey as simple as it can be. Do not restrict user movement and let them decide how they wish to interact with the page. Our job is to make that interaction easy and flawless. This can make them stay on your landing pages longer. And in turn, make the landing pages more converting.

Here are some great landing page examples for you.

4. Build a Killer Call To Action

Call to action buttons are of supreme importance in a landing page. Once you have got the visitor on your site, it is the call to action button that prompts the user to take action. The color, size, what is says all make a difference.

If you have two buttons, one says “Submit”; and the other says, “Request a free quote”. Which one do you think would convert better?

Design and copy of the button, both make a big difference. But one cannot say that there is one design that works for all. One will have to change and test the landing page for the difference it has made in overall conversions.

The call to action is considered to be the 2nd biggest opportunity to enhance the conversion rate of your landing page once you are done with the headline part. Just try to keep it ultra-short in approximately 5-7 words because these are more effective in most cases. If possible you should use verbs that enhance value like “Get a free product/service” or “Create Account in 1 minute” and you should ignore the general prospects like the “Submit” button.

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that the button stands out.
  • Choose words that imply benefit to the user.
  • No one color can be said to be better than the other. You will have to choose a color depending on the color combination for the landing page. The idea is to make the button stand out from the rest of the page.

You can get more in-depth information here:

5. Engaging Sub Headlines

Subheadings on a landing page make any content awesome, as most users like to read headings rather than the full content. Well, it can be considered as a punch line consisting of one or two lines. In turn, enhancing the main heading and the power of the landing page.

  • Normally, these headlines are positioned under the main headline and serves to make the context more clear and add more power.
  • The subheadings can go into more and more details. Thus elaborating the major concept of the headlines.
  • As earlier described, a subheading should be persuasive in nature. This can lure more customers to your product and services. All you have to manage is to recreate the headline concept and push it a little further.

The sub-headline is a counterpart of the main headline. It is used mainly to describe the main headline with a greater punch and emphasizing it more. Use these sub-headlines to create an emotional attachment with the customer. The more emotions the subheadings evoke, the more captivating the audience would be.

6. Create An Engaging Copy

Once the landing page has been able to grab the user’s attention, then it is time to pitch to the user about your products & service. A brilliantly written copy can do just that. You can lose your users if you can’t even explain what your product and services stand for.

It should be considered crucial that your audience understands what the landing page is all about. What it is advertising, and what products and services are up for sale. You don’t need to act smart, just be as straightforward as you can while explaining the features of the product and services.

  • You can integrate your headline with the explanation or can make it a separate entity.
  • The explanation of any product and services must be benefit-oriented. These explanations are functional but the functionality should always relate to the demand of the user. Like if you are a website designer you cannot try an explanation like this, “We make websites”. As this explanation is not beneficial to the users. You can make this explanation user-friendly with adding some user value in it. It can be altered to include phrases and words that denote benefit to the user, like “Get a website to enhance your business or firm”.

Once the user sees his benefit he is more likely to investigate further or click on that “call to action” button which the objective of the whole process. Remember to write the product copy from the user’s perspective of what he or she wants. And not what you want. Because the user is not at all interested in that. To the user, his interest is prime.

7. Adding Testimonials To Enhance Trust

Testimonials provide the much-needed trust signs on a landing page. Customer needs to know whether they can put their fragile trust in your hands. The world wide web can be a dangerous place. You need to let your customers know that you are legitimate and that you are worthy of their trust. Testimonials can do just that. It signals to them that if others, similar to them, have had a good experience with you, they too would be in good hands.

  • You should use testimonials from real customers and clients. And not to mention that the testimonials should be relevant to the landing page. This should enhance customer trust.
  • Wherever possible, use the actual picture of the person providing the testimonial. It is simply because the pictures are the keystones of trust where testimonials are concerned.
  • You don’t need to have testimonials with tall claims, but always try to make the testimonials with real data, so that it maintains its originality and authenticity. Customers can tell the difference between fake and real.

8. Ways To Contact

If you are legit with your customers then you must prove it to them.

You might have seen various landing pages with a lot of methods of contacts like physical address, phone numbers, email address and contact forms. Some of these pages also consist of customer service representatives ready to engage you through chat if you so desire.

To eliminate any issues in the conversion funnel and to get more trust from customers, you must keep the following tips in mind:

  • At the most basic level, you must provide your assurance to your users about your brand. And provide ample proof that you own a real company or business.
  • You can use live chat popups for the help of your users. It is not a must-have entity but it can show that you are customer-centric.

However, I would like to add here that trust is more of an issue with new and small businesses. And therefore, they need more signals to win over the trust of the customers. Large businesses and corporations on the other hand and well known among the public. People know and trust them. They usually also have a much bigger customer base.

Therefore, you will not see them advertising direct means of contact on their websites or landing pages. Some business like Google cannot be contacted at all. Even for their paid services like (Google G Suite, there are tutorials available that one can consult when support is needed. They can do so because they are well known, and do not need any introduction. Their trust level is already high with their customers.

9. Include Photos and Videos on Landing pages

Adding visuals to any landing pages enhances its credibility. Most high converting landing pages consist of eye-catching visuals including pictures and videos. Videos are more effective and powerful than pictures in some instances. If you are trying to explain a very complex idea to your customers then a video can be a reliable way to explain it in no time. It is also considered an excellent way to enhance your brand value and reinforce your overall messaging.

10. Use The Language Your Customer Speaks

For the success of a landing page, design considerations play a very crucial role. The best ever formula to create awesome high converting landing pages is to add the voice of the customer in it.

About half of all business websites which use landing pages have only sleazy marketing terminology which they implement in it. The complexity of any landing page language may show the status of a firm as an enterprise-level business. But using the customer-oriented languages is much more effective and always results in higher conversion rates.

The language which is used to communicate with users must have a powerful way to appeal to potential customers. Finding the voice of the customer is not even an easy task. It may need a lot of research and effort to do that and to structure it in a way that directly appeals to the customer.

Final Words

If you want to bring the desired results in your landing pages continuously, then you will need to invest time, money, skills, and resources in your landing pages.

You don’t need to change your landing pages chronologically but you should also ensure that you don’t leave them stale. A landing page is where your customers land when they arrive at your site. This is where you need to work the magic to get your customers to convert and buy your products and services. After all, that is where your revenue comes from.

The above 10 points are a sure shot way to create amazing high converting landing pages for your business website, and can surely elevate your conversion rates to a higher level. If you are done with your new landing page, you must do some A/B testing and improve it further.

A business website may need several landing pages that convert well, but there is one that you must start with first. Each one of the landing pages needs a lot of attention and focus. A single landing page with perfect design can yield impressive results for your business. But it is recommended to work and improve all of them.

There is no landing page that is perfect. It can be further improved. Therefore, it is advisable to revisit your landing pages from time to time and work on them to see how they can be improved.

Do let me know what you think of the steps above. Did you use any of them in your own landing pages? If you have further points and suggestions to add to the list, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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